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                    Introduction Of Shanxi Cancer Hospital

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                    Shanxi Cancer hospital (Shanxi Cancer institute) is founded in 1952, and now has developed into a modern hospital harboring frontier medical treatment, prevention, research, teaching, healing, palliative care and other functions in combination after 60 years of development. The hospital is able to perform advanced surgery, offer frontier chemotherapy, radiation therapy, biological immune, Interventional therapy and other treatments to provide accurate and individualized therapeutic scheme for healthcare. The hospital benefits from the largest capacity of bed number (2,157 beds) and the strong positive revenue in the Shanxi Province. It is one of the top and first-class hospitals in the country and is one of the modern hospitals in China that receive best trust from patients for healthcare.

                    This hospital covers 88,000 square meters (88,000 acres), has 2500 beds and 2961 employees including more than 400 senior technicians, 39 physicians with Doctoral degree, 421 physicians with master degree, 2 doctoral-degree mentor, 54 master-degree mentor; 4 physicians who are qualified for the state council special allowance; 4 high-level overseas talents were in the "one hundred plan" of Shanxi Province; 4 nationally famous physicians in Shanxi, 11 physicians who belong to the high-end project "millions of health talent" , 14 backbone elite talents of physicians. The hospital see 240,000 outpatients, 80,000 inpatients, and manages 20,000 operations annually.

                    The hospital has fixed assets of 1.9 billion yuan, including PET/CT, advanced radiation treatment system, linear accelerator which has volume intensity-modulated, accelerators-oriented and other large professional tumor diagnosis instruments.The total fixed assets of the equipment is nearly 600 million yuan.

                    The hospital has 42 clinic medical and technology departments that cover three major disciplines of oncology,has 1 National clinical discipline,7 provincial key disciplines; Clinical pathology and oncology are the provincial key medical disciplines. There are 9 basic departments including immunology, etiology, molecular biology, pharmacology laboratory, animal laboratory and population medicine. The department of pathology is recognized as national key laboratory. The departments of medicine, clinical nursing, and clinical center for radiotherapy are provincial key disciplines; Clinical pathology and oncology are the provincial key medical disciplines; General surgery and imaging medicine are the provincial key construction disciplines in medicine.clinical pharmacy is the national clinical pharmacist training base.

                    In 2016, this hospital won 1 second prize of national science and technology progress, 5 patents, 1 second prize for science and technology progress in Shanxi province, and 3 third prize. 20 scientific research projects were approved, and two of them were the national cooperation units .

                    The hospital hosts 2 important medical journals《Leukemia and Lymphoma》and《Cancer Research and Clinic》, that have accepted more than 1,400 papers.《Cancer research and Clinic》has been accepted as the Chinese core journals in science and technology, and rated as one of the Chinese core medical journals.

                    The hospital had closely collaborated with the Harvard Medical School, the NIH and NCI (National Cancer Center), Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), the University of Newcastle and other famous cancer foundation and institutions in cancer prevention and control at home and abroad. In recent years, this hospital has sent more senior experts to study in these institutions.These individual physicians are playing important roles in the development of our hospital, when they return, they will promote the further development of the laboratory research, new technology and standardization of the management process in our hospital.

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